Why talk about behavior analysis and social justice?

The main reason that I am starting this blog and training/speaking series is that for too long, applied behavior analysis (ABA) has not primarily been used as a tool for justice. It certainly has occasionally–but we behavior analysts have a pretty rough history. Further, all sorts of approaches get called “ABA,” which often don’t hew to the actual principles and ethics we are shaped by. I want to help amplify the other voices, which have always been here, marginalized voices from both within and outside of ABA.

I have been, for years, integrating the two main lenses through which I see the world–anti-oppression and behavior analysis–in my practice and in conversations with those in my life, as well as in occasional trainings, presentations, or facilitated conversations. However, I want to have these conversations, about ABA and disability justice and neurodiversity, more broadly and intentionally. I think these conversations move both behavior analysis and social justice forward.

I am a skilled and engaging trainer who is passionate about the work I do and the subjects at hand. You can see my resume here. Contact me if you would like a training, workshop, or facilitated discussion at your organization or conference.

And finally, if you are already having these conversations, please let me know! If you aren’t but would like to, I hope this will be a place for them.


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